Tinker's FrogFaces Masks - Web & Video Tutorials Now Available!

Want to make this mask yourself? Instructions/video links here!

FrogFaces Mask Side View

Tinker is no longer making masks for sale.

  • We are selling kits that include all pieces for 1 adult medium mask.
  • Each kit is $5 + HST
  • Each kit contains precut pieces of both outer and inner fabrics (either gray or tan) and one nosebridge piece.
  • If you cannot find fabric or prefer to use stretchy straps, just ask and we'll provide those at no additional charge (strap colour is variable).
  • Mask kits are available for local pickup and also for regular mail (additional charge will apply).

Click here to view the fabric choices currently available.

Email any questions to dayna@tinkertradespaces.ca.

Tinker still offers custom sewing for any project--call 519-896-4949 or email for more information.

Welcome to Tinker!

Tinker can:

  • Provide help with your sewing skills or a project - we are currently in test phase for online help/instruction
  • Design or modify your design for a custom project
  • Alter your clothing or teach you how to do simple alterations
  • and much more--just ask!

Coming soon!

Virtual learning (including livestream events) and when the platform is ready, Social Sew Online!

Coming Soon: Tinker's Buyer's Group

I'm busy building a buyer's group to help all of us save money on supplies by combining our purchasing power!

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