Sewing & Alterations

Prices & Policies

Level 1 Alterations:
​All of the following are done at
$16/hour with a 30-minute minimum:
*   Hems
*   Patches (not including fabric unless stated)
*   Repairs/Mending
*   Pants/Jeans Zipper Replaced

Level 2 Alterations:  (prices shown are "starting at" price; actual price may vary)
Euro Hem......................................$14
Zipper Replaced............................$30
Resizing (taken in, let out)............$20

Prices shown do not include HST (additional). Prices may vary.

Custom Sewing

For all custom sewing (reproduction, from pattern, original designs, and other types), you will receive an estimate. The actual price may be less or more depending on materials needed to complete the job, time required, or difficulty.

Customers, Please Note:

  • Tinker TradeSpaces does not accept cash. We do not keep cash on the premises.
  • We happily accept clean, laundered clothing for alterations and repairs. We reserve the right to reject any unclean item.
  • We do not typically accept "rush" jobs or emergencies, but we will strive to complete your items in as timely a manner as possible.
  • Please inspect your items prior to pickup. If you have concerns about the work, please bring the item back within 7 days so that I can correct the issue at no extra charge.
  • Please note the pickup date you have agreed to, which is shown on your ticket. Your item may be ready prior to this date, but this is not guaranteed.
  • If your order requires Tinker TradeSpaces to purchase fabric or other supply, you must pay a non-refundable deposit sufficient to cover the price of the supply plus any shipping and a minimal handling fee; this must be paid in advance of the purchase.