Welcome to the Studio!

We are currently accepting bookings for Studio time and are now offering Drop-in Days --use the studio and get some help or book a Traditional Class or a Class On Demand.

Please call ahead to check for availability, but same-day space is usually available.

Want a look around the studio?

Here's what we have in the studio:

  • For the domestic sewing workbays ("Regular Workbays"), we chose the Janome HD718. It's a heavy-duty, mechanical machine that is sure to prove itself worthy for all of your sewing needs. It easily sews everything from chiffon to knits to denim. The video shown on the right shows how it handled sewing up to SEVEN LAYERS of denim...with a regular needle. (Don't try that at home!)  ​There is also an informational graphic for this machine at the bottom of this page. These and a few other different types of domestic machines are available for customer use. And of course, we encourage you to bring your own machine if you prefer.​​
  • We also selected a Janome model of domestic serger--we went with the Magnolia 7034D. It is a solid machine, and the Janome site says it does 1,300 stitches per minute. We have 2 of these available for customer use after a short (free) training and evaluation.
  • A Reliable (brand) blind hem machine. This is available for customer use after a short (free) training and evaluation.
  • We currently have 1 industrial straight-stitch and zig-zag machine (Singer 20u). This machine is now available for a limited amount of customer use after a short (free) training and evaluation. This machine is not available on a drop-in basis; time must be scheduled. Needles for this machine must be purchased before use (available onsite).​
  • One professional-grade steam iron station (a Reliable 3000is). When possible, we will be getting a larger Reliable steam station with a vacuum table.
  • Female dress forms (one is approximately size 4, and the other is an adjustable plus-size). We will be getting more sizes and varieties as we are able.
  • pinnable design wall (approximately 4x4 ft)
  • An in-studio fitting room
  • 8-ft dry erase whiteboard
  • 2 instruction easels (for class visual aids)
  • A large screen TV on the studio wall, perfectly situated for slide shows, videos, sew-alongs, tutorials, etc.
  • A new overhead video setup
  • Secure storage room so that you can leave your projects and/or equipment at the studio if you wish.
  • A small (but growing) library of sewing and crafting books, as well as a sizable bank of sewing patterns that are available for use, free to our customers. We also keep back copies of Threads magazine.
  • Extra notions onsite available for purchase by studio customers.

We are actively seeking funding to make the entire space accessible to customers who use wheelchairs and people with other mobility challenges. The following items are also planned for the future:​

  • A tablet-based text-to speech system to aid in communication with deaf/hard-of-hearing customers as well as to aid in multi-language service
  • An online class booking program (we currently book studio space and classes by email, by phone, or in person)